Friday, January 28, 2011

Wednesday, January 28th, 1976

6:00 PM

Not an especially good day but a breezy one at least. Still sick. Fast and quiet.

We had an assembly at school this morning. I found out that girl on the bus's name...I think. "Melody Rush."

Over the river after school I ran into Jack Fogarty! I started my Iron Man collection with the new issue out today and I also got another new Beatles book!

NOTES: Another sparse day but there are some much longer entries coming up in a few days.

Melody Rush wasn't really the name I found out. As I said previously, I don't even recall this girl. I looked her up in the yearbook just now though. Cute but rings no bells. Doesn't even look "my type."

Jack Fogarty was an old-time radio newsman who had been on TV my entire life. By this point in the seventies, he was given a spotliight report that always opened with his signature line, "I may be wrong but it seems to me..." He was one of the first local celebs I had ever seen downtown.

I was a latecomer to Beatles fandom but I just kept buying books about them. I currently have a whole bookcase of Beatles books.

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  1. My Mom was a Beatle's fan... too bad we did not know then what we know now about collectables..!