Monday, January 17, 2011

****EXTRA****Me At My Desk 1976

2011- Found this shot of me in my "office" from early 1976. Longish hair was just starting to be a regular sight in the Northern Kentucky area and this was about as long as mine ever got until a few years later.

On the desk you see my typewriter, my pencil sharpener, a clock, a silicon paperweight I made in art class, an avon bottle vintage car, my SOMA game, my first AM/FM radio and what looks like a Campbell's soup can. It's actually a pencil holder wrapped in a fake Campbell's Chicken SOAP label clipped from an issue of CRACKED Magazine.

The lamp, with PEANUTS stickers on its shade, was made by me in 8th grade shop class. In the corner behind me you can partially see a TV and just the edge of a smaller desk that had been mine since I was about eight years old. At this point, I stored my comics in the upper part as well as in the cabinet underneath.

In the background is a metal bookshelf we had had in the living room for years with a Funk and Wagnells Encyclopedia set on it. One day, I moved that set to the mantle and stole the bookcase for my room. (It currently resides in Davids room upstairs.) You can see my growing mass market paperback collection there. The notebooks on top all featured comic books where I had ripped off the cover, poked holes in them and stuck them in these 3 Ring Binders. There's thousands of dollars worth of comics in those binders still...or would be if I HADN'T done that to them. Sigh.

My Godzilla model rests atop the case and leftover cub scout memorabilia is seen on the little wall doohickey. The posters are from Jack Kirby's two experimental DC magazines from a few years earlier, SPIRIT WORLD and IN THE DAYS OF THE MOB. At first I kept them stapled in the mags but I finally decided to take them out and put them up...again thus destroying the value of these now highly collectible issues! Ugh!

Being in Kentucky, that's a horse racing bedspread there on the left. Oddly enough, last year I dug the headboard of that bed out of the basement and my friend Brittany Rose (see my other blog) and I carted it to her apartment where it is once again being put to use.

In a similar vein, the desk that I'm sitting at there in the exact same desk where I'm sitting now as I write these words in 2011.

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  1. Ah the thinker at his creation station :) This is just a wonderful portal into the world from whence your journal sprang. So very glad you found this, and posted it for all us fans to see. Keep on truckin' Steve!