Saturday, January 8, 2011

****EXTRA**** Journal Doodles # 1

Throughout my 1976 Journal I have pages of doodles. Here we have the inside front cover. My parents weren't the curious kind and I was an only child but I still didn't want anyone to read it so I added the warnings here just in case. The Snoopy For President sticker came from a package of BUTTERNUT BREAD. They were always doing PEANUTS promotions during the seventies.

Not too many doodles here compared to some later pages--just a crude self-portrait and err...a couple of my favorite subjects at the time.

The symbol on the one girl's shirt is a symbol I designed a few year's earlier out of my initials. It also became my art signature seen at bottom right. I put it on everything for years...including comics that would now be worth thousands of dollars...if they didn't have my initials at the bottom of the splash page in pen. AAARRGGHH!


  1. That's great. I kept very little of my art from my school days -- other than a couple comic books my friends and I put together. Reading your blog makes me wish I'd had to foresight to keep a journal back then -- as I'd sure enjoy reading it now!

  2. Yeah! More artwork! Love this stuff, takes me right back to my (very late) 1970's.

    (And b@@bies are always good.)

    "KEEP OUT! THIS MEANS YOU!"...but not the rest of us. I feel like some sort of a literary voyeur...secretly reading someone's diary. But we all get the benefit of your explanations, too!


    Excellent blog - thanks for sharing all this!

  3. Hi! I wasn't around for the 70s, being born in '96, but our school play this year is Disco Inferno (Go ahead, groan, like all of the other adults do when they hear this.) so I get most of the things you're speaking about. :) I'm a nerdy female freshman, so I really should start keeping a journal...

  4. Good gawd I had that exact same Peanuts sticker on a binder!!