Thursday, April 26, 2012

****Support the Book on Kickstarter!****

As of now, A GEEK'S JOURNAL 1976, THE BOOK OF THE BLOG is a live project on KICKSTARTER and we can use the support of all of you who have asked for such a book in order to make it happened.

If you can, please donate. If you can't, please spread the word that we are attempting to make this expanded book of the blog a reality!

Thanks in advance for your support!

Monday, April 16, 2012

A Geek's Journal 1976--THE BOOK??

Coming Soon...maybe. Maybe not.

A lot of folks have asked for it--including a couple of publishers-- but I'm not convinced there's a market. The book would contain all the original journal entries but substantially increased annotations and much more perspective about what was going on in the wider world during that time period. We're thinking about going the Kickstarter route. Would you support that? Would you but the book? Let me know. If the answer is yes then we can make this a reality. I look forward to having my geeky senior pic on bumper stickers for promotion!