Saturday, January 1, 2011

January 1st, 1976

As the year begins, I am 16 years old and somewhat depressed. I live with my wonderful parents and have a part-time job helping them clean the Social Security Office building next door to us every night. I'm one of the smartest students in my Junior year of High School but I hate it. I have one close friend that I've known since 3rd grade and I have not had a girlfriend since the 6th grade. I am heavily into Beatles music, comic books and movies.

11:57 PM, Wednesday, December 31st, 1975:

In a few minutes it will be January 1st, 1976! For years, I've been saying that my seventeenth year would be the best after my eleventh and it's almost here! I have faith that I'll be right. Especially since it's the Bicentennial year and a Leap Year, too! Last year was kind of a bad year I'll admit but it was still better than the few that came just before it. This year will be even better.

12:01 AM, Thursday, January 1st, 1976.

Just moments ago now, 1976 began. Yay! It's raining both here and in Times Square. It's not 1975 anymore so I'm putting it behind me and living for the coming 366 days. I'm expecting great things. Happy New Year!

6:00 PM, Thursday, January 1st, 1976

We watched the parades this morning as we packed up the trees and decorations again. I found myself paying more attention to it than usual. My continued reading of the Sherlock Holmes volume I got for Christmas has made me more conscious of details than ever before. It helps me really get into TV shows lately for instance, like today when I watched one of my favorites, Lily Tomlin, on with Dinah Shore on her talk show. It was almost like I was actually there!


  1. Hi Steve! Your blast from the past looks to be very interesting. Count me in!

    And Happy New Year... 2011, that is :-)

  2. What a great idea for a blog! Ya had a genius stroke here, Steve! Could it be the next new CBS sitcom? Stay tuned!

  3. We must be doing something right, to last 200 years! Happy Bicentennial, Steve.

  4. Happy Bicentennial indeed... this just became my newest, most favoritest blog!

  5. Hey Steve! I'm back from my trip through the TV schedule of 1975 (Boy that was a while...)

    From this night I watched The Waltons "The Search" (I was about to say Jim-Bob, my least favorite, is a big part in this ep but turns out he was great in it) and Barnaby Jones "Dead Heat" (with Andrew Parks, character actor in his early 20s who's been playing incredible teenage roles in these shows, sometimes the psychotic bad seed (not in this case))

    1. Andrew Parks has been a FB friend of mine for years. I send him rare pics of his parents when i run across them. I just recently watched that Barnaby Jones episode on YouTube!

    2. That is awesome! He's also known for an ep of BJ where they had to later bleep out a word from one of his lines. Rarely I ask but please give him a shoutout from me.