Sunday, January 30, 2011

Friday, January 30th, 1976

6:00 PM
There's just something magic about a Friday! I breezed through the day at school. Not all good but all a breeze. Made it home leaving almost all of my cares behind me at school. The whole day seemed to be in anticipation of tomorrow's new comics at Yellow Kid. I hope there's more than Terry said.
NOTES: Nothing to say here. Obviously I was starting to get over my cold and feeling a bit better all around.
The number one song this last week in January was LOVE ROLLERCOASTER by the Ohio Players. You think I dressed funny in '76? Check out these guys!
Disco had hit big the year before in the US...except in Cincinnati. Oh, we heard it on the radio and saw it on TV but the heyday of disco in Cincinnati /Northern Kentucky was actually the early eighties. There was still a pretty good mix of music on most radio stations here in 1976. Even WEBN, Cincinnati's legendary anti-establishment hard rock station, was a lot more pop-oriented at the time. The main difference between AM and FM stations was that AM stations played the hits while FM stations played album cuts (and the deejays talked in more soothing voices).

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