Sunday, January 16, 2011

Friday, January 16th, 1976

5:00 PM

"All on a Dark and Shadowy Day" was the poem I wrote the other day. Today it came true! It was dark, shadowy, windy and I even saw three weird lights in the sky! Psychic, I guess. My mind somehow caused me to predict my own future.

I really couldn't figure today's Algebra out at all but I did pass that quiz. I got an 87 average, too. In Physics, I got an 86 on the test and am now sitting in the row I like so much again (although nowhere near Angie). Sometimes I wonder if she feels the same way about me that I do about her but is just afraid to admit it. Sometimes I dream of walking through that park way up on Vine Street with in THE STERILE CUCKOO. That was a good movie. Wish they'd rerun that one.

10:00 PM

Broke my rule and did IT again!! I figure I cheated myself anyway going ten days in the beginning when I had set a goal of five so now it should be ten, next time being on the 31st or after. I hope I can remember all that.

I'm preparing a lot for the con on Sunday. Sci-Fi class ended today. Up next is Mystery where all of my recent Sherlock reading should come in handy.

That beautiful girl rode the bus again. She got on just after me at the same stop. HER I'd really like to get to know. I don't even know what grade she's in, let alone her name.

I heard Linda Scott's second annual birthday show today.

NOTES: See previous post for the poem mentioned.

Here I take to referring to the hormonal urges as simply "IT." I was not even willing to call it by name when I was writing privately in a secret journal labelled "Keep Out!" That should give you a clue how embarrassing it was to me...and again, as far as I knew, I was the ONLY person in the entire world who had this problem.

THE STERILE CUCKOO is a sad/funny 1969 movie with an absolutely brilliant performance by Liza Minnelli as a misfit girl in an ill-fated romance with Wendell Burton. The great soundtrack consists of endless variations of the great song, COME SATURDAY MORNING. Still a favorite, in 2008 I was able to contact star Wendell Burton through the Internet and let him know how much that film means to me. Long retired into the ministry, he was pleased to hear it.

I have no recollection of Linda Scott whatsoever. Since I wrote "heard," I'm wondering if perhaps she was the wife of legendary Cincinnati radio personality Jim Scott and perhaps they were making a fuss about her birthday on his morning show.


  1. Very nice blog, Steven! I was born three years after that, but I like to know what was going on back in the day.

    Greetings from Brazil.

  2. This is too cool-can't wait till you get to when Lipstick with Margaux/Mariel Hemingway opened and when "Carrie" and King Kong opened-you did catch all those in the cinema?

  3. Actually, Delores, i did...well...except for KING KONG. I avoided it on general principal when the otherwise cool ad came out with the tagline--"The single most original motion picture event of all time!" Original?? It was a remake of a movie that was pretty close to perfect the first time!!! I did catch it later on TV and was quite disappointed.