Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thursday, January 29th, 1976


This is really a bad week as a whole! All day long I felt mad and pressured even though not too many bad things happened. I looked up Melody Rush in the annual and that's her all right...but she's only in the 8th grade!!!! Too young for me!

I got a 90 on the Spanish test. Missed the first bus back but the one I caught Cheri was on, too. I think she has a part-time job somewhere down here. Maybe the IRS I think.

Terry called tonight to brag about the new comics he picked up at the Yellow Kid. I was jealous that I didn't get to go this time.

The SS overstayed their welcome tonight, not leaving until after 7:30. We ended up staying home 'til after 8:30 before we went over just to make sure they were gone.

One more day and I can hope for the best come the weekend and then February. This has been a transitional month I guess--the year, my age, the weather. Next month maybe the whole screwed up mess will straighten out enough for me to see where I'm going and what to do on the way.

NOTES: I didn't ride a traditional yellow school bus to and from school. We rode the regular local buses from TANK--the Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky. At the time (and for many years afterward) each one was named after a Kentucky Derby winner and given a number corresponding to that horses' winning year. Although clearly from a few years later (based on the year/bus number) this was what they looked like.


  1. Steve -

    Were you ever able to walk to school? I did for the first couple years of grade school.

  2. In fact, I was able to walk to school from age 6 until age 15. After that, to the high school it was a 26 block walk which I did do from time to time but more often than not I just took the bus.