Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Monday, January 5th, 1976

6:00 PM

I feel much better this year, even after the disillusioning events at school today and some of the things I heard. When I got home, though, I felt relaxed again. Played my new records for the first time this afternoon.

10:00 PM

It wasn't too hard readjusting to the routines of school. Today was another cold day with a low of two degrees. I had a hard time sleeping last night though. I see in the TV GUIDE that there's a great double feature coming up on Saturday night/Sunday morning. If I stay up to see that I bet I sleep better that night.

I helped Angie on some school work today and she exclaimed, "I love you!" which made me feel good but seemed to tick off her friend Jessica. She just looked shocked. I like Jessica but she has never seemed to like me much at all and i don't know why. I like Angie, too. Sometimes I wish I could get to know here a little better but I can't see it happening.

I really need to cut down on the Cokes. My chest feels tight.

NOTES: Angie (not her real name) was the smartest person in my class. This immediately made her attractive to the geek in me but nothing ever came of it. A few years after graduation, we would see each other on the bus occasionally and talk but that was the closest thing we ever had to a real friendship.

Sitting here with 4 coke cans on my desk and several missing teeth, it's safe to say I STILL need to cut down on soft drinks!

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