Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tuesday, Oct 12th, 1976

I wore a really loud shirt today. We went outside again in Comp and I hated it. I and a bunch of others got to leave five minutes early, today!

I tried a new spaghetti today but wasted it. I avoided Cokes today for the first time in months!

Watched Bernadette on with Tony & Dawn tonight and realized that ANGELS will be cut off by the playoffs!

THE REDS WIN THE PENNANT! I watched the big finish and then lots of news of it afterwards!

NOTES: Man, I was crazy for exclamation points on this day, wasn't I?

Coca-Cola has always been my biggest vice and once again, as 2011 parallels 1976, I have cut down drastically on my intake of the soft drink in the past week. To the point, in fact, where I went to whole days without a single sip!

No idea what new kind of spaghetti I was referring to there. Franco-American spaghetti had been my favorite food as a child and as I got older, I would often try making my own spaghetti and sauces, to varying degrees of success. I'm told my spaghetti casserole recipe nowadays is my best dish!

As I've stated, I wasn't big on the Reds by this point but my Dad sure was and, for me, there was always a certain amount of home town pride when they'd win.

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