Friday, October 14, 2011

Thursday, Oct 14th, 1976

I heard today we get out of school for election day coming up. Slow day today.

Unusual evening that allowed me to catch STAR TREK.

Really liking Miss November. Almost unintentional IT but for once I wasn't ashamed of it in the least. Got to read all the rest of the mag except for the Carter interview, Want to read that all at once. Despite a rather strange brand of paper, I'm now more anxious than ever to start my collection.

We went outside again in Comp but some (girls) stayed in this time. I don't get it.

Got the WORLD'S FINEST issue of FLASHBACK in the mail but still no sign of this week's TBG.

NOTES: I really lived for that weekly TBG! In those pre-Internet days, it featured comics, movie and TV news faster than anything else we had. Also, it was my sole regular connection to fandom with all of the ads for fanzines, small press comics, comix and, of course, interviews with creators old and new.

FLASHBACK, as I mentioned before, was a series of inexpensive black and white facsimile reprints of Golden Age comics that I would never be able to afford.  

PLAYBOY was in an odd place in the mid-seventies, at once appealing to the conservative yuppie-types it had always courted and yet really trying to meet the younger generation on its own terms. This created what I thought was the best years of the magazine and this issue remains memorable. I never did get it for very long and I ended up keeping only 3 issues--the one with John Lennon's final interview, the one with Farrah Fawcett...and this one, with Jimmy Carter, Misty Rowe and...Miss November.

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