Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wednesday, April 7th, 1976

This was slightly on the bad side of the scale. What with stinging pain every time I moved my leg from where I fell, losing twice at cards, the new Price Guide not being out yet and some slightly overcooked Wendy's.

I broke out my old record player to listen to Liza's "Happyland." I can't figure out how it does that.

Did my journal work at school today but still ended up with Creative writing homework.

I watched again what may be my favorite episode of BARETTA--the one with Mackenzie Phillips.

NOTES: I'm curious as to the line about losing twice at cards. I don't know any card games but Poker and I only learned that later from TV and movies. Must have been some sort of school thing in one class or another.

I still can't figure out that HAPPYLAND thing. It was a song on Liza Minnelli's first album from the late sixties. I believe it was written by her then-husband, Peter Allen. The rest of the album played normally on my stereo but that song was ultra-low sound with a tinny echo making it nearly impossible to hear and/or decipher. BUT...when I got my old record player out of the closet--a cheap little portable mono turntable with a stylus--it played normally! Weird. Not even sure HOW that could happen let alone why it would.

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  1. Been binge-ing Baretta lately and so far the Mackenzie Phillips episode (also with Gary Busey and Strother Martin) is my favorite as well! ("On the Road" s2e3 OAD:9/24/1975)