Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wednesday, April 14th, 1976

Slept late today. No movies or nothing. Just stayed home, watched TV and read a lot. Oh...and IT.

One of the best things about being home this week is getting to watch the THAT GIRL reruns. I really empathize with Don and I just adore Ann! Just a wonderful show all around.

I read more Spidey comics, finished ILLUMINATUS vol. 2 and began vol. 3--I may yet finish by summer. I also finished reading the new sex movies book. It's rather prominently displayed on my bookshelf now but I'm not too afraid anyone will notice it. I think I could handle it if they did. That book has helped to give me a whole new attitude about sex
I think...but I'm not sure I'm really able to make sense of it just yet. Probably won't be the final new attitude either.

NOTES: In recent years one of the very few TV series that I actively purchased and enjoyed on DVD has been THAT GIRL. Still holds up and I still feel a kinship to the writer, Don, as well as a wonderful crush on actress Ann Marie.

Still not sure which sex in movies book I was talking about here as there were two purchased around the same time. Terry had each before I did and both were large enough for me to be worried about leaving them prominently displayed on my shelf. Both are seen above. The red one is a typical Citadel Press release filled with scholarly and yet fannish info, heavily illustrated by black and white stills. The other was a British picture book on slick paper with tons of color and more concise information. I learned a lot from both. And yes, I still have them both.

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  1. This is a strong veer away from anything you wrote on this day, but tonight aired a tv special I definitely (but vaguely) recall watching back then, "Flip's Sun Valley Olympiad" on CBS hosted by Flip Wilson. It mixes winter sports like ice skating with music and comedy with guests Richard Pryor, Minnie Riperton, Peggy Fleming (who I vaguely recall), and Alex Karras (whom I recall as a Charles Nelson Reilly-looking man who spoke normally). I (who was 5) remember seeing the promo for it and wondering "who's that peculiar looking blonde-haired black woman?" and later catch it enough to get to know Wilson's character of Geraldine.