Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday, April 16th, 1976

What a disappointment. My first time on TV got cut! I went over to the Coliseum and joined a line of about 50 people about 9:30 this morning. They opened at 10. I bought my ticket but I'm very confused about it. Will try to forget it for now. Anyway, Channel 5 was there doing a piece on it and they filmed me in closeup! Then when it aired later though they edited me out completely. Well...all but maybe a partial back shot. Mom said she saw it. I didn't. Boy...Hardly counts even if it was me. Oh, well. Think I'm gonna quit concerts after this (not that I've been to any yet!). Too frustrating just getting the tickets!

Later me and Terry got out to Erlanger. Still no word at NKBS on what the Con bus would be. I bought some things but couldn't afford the Price Guide which was finally out at least. Mom said later she heard the Con advertised on WUBE.

Mom got home at 12:30 today since it was Good Friday. Didn't affect me in any way.

Very hard decision on TV tonight but I decided to skip LOVE STORY.

NOTES: Yes, that's my original ticket above. When they opened the doors for the concert they never took the tickets! More on that later. Look at that price--$8.50! Wow. Ultimately, I would see McCartney three more times. I think the last time, in the early nineties, the tickets were like 40 dollars! Couldn't even afford him now at all! Things change.

I guess I kind of figured at the time that a quick shot on the news would be my only TV appearance ever. Thus my disappointment at being cut. Four years later I would make my "official" TV debut, then quite a few appearances for a couple years on local news, comedy and game shows. Most recently I was interviewed a number of times along with my wife in connection with THE MILLION MOM MARCH back in 2000.

LOVE STORY--not a great movie but some of the best snow scenes ever and you know what I say! A good snow scene makes a movie better automatically.

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