Saturday, April 9, 2011

Friday, April 9th, 1976

Not bad for a final day before Spring vacation. 31 days 'til school's out. Turned in my school journal to Mr. Spurlock. I hope he doesn't think it's too bad.

Dad won 10 bucks on Lottery last night!

I'm really enjoying DONNY AND MARIE. Marie is both pretty and funny. I used to think Donny was a bit of a loser but he's actually pretty cool, too. I remember Cindy Shorter going nuts over his record of "Puppy Love" in the 7th grade.

If Terry goes to NKBS tomorrow, I may forgo going to any movies until later in the week since I'll be off anyway.

NOTES: I thought I still had that journal but the one I have is from the following school year. Apparently I never got this one back after the final time I turned it in.

On Facebook recently, Mr. Spurlock said that after all these years I can call him by his first name now. No. No, I can't. Thanks anyway but you will always be Mr. Spurlock just as Mr. Krey remained Mr. Krey, Mr. Tucker is still Mr. Tucker and even my former 2nd grade teacher who lived near us for a while was always Mrs. Rettig. Look at it as a continued form of respect, sir.

Around this time, I actually traded Terry something or other for Marie Osmond's first two solo albums. I would eventually end up purchasing Donny and Marie's solo albums, too! I was developing very diverse tastes in music. That and I thought Marie was hawt!


  1. I am friends on Facebook with a teacher I had in High School. I would never call him by his first name. I agree.

  2. Watching that D&M right now, guests McLean Stevenson, Minnie Pearl, and character actor Rick Hurst (at the time starred in ABC's sitcom On The Rocks). Includes a Madame Butterfly sketch with D&M and Pearl which probably wouldn't "fly" today. (I've warmed up to the siblings' corny banter; Jimmy Osmond's appearances not so much...)