Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wednesday, April 28th, 1976

Failed miserably on a Spanish test but hopefully turned in a good Algebra one. Picked up quite a bit of work for tomorrow. It'll probably keep up like this for the rest of the school year.

STARFAWN was finally out over in town and it contains just about the best art I've ever seen!

Saw Jimmy in Cincy, too. He wants us to come visit him.

Tonight I saw what may just be the best episode of WONDER WOMAN!

NOTES: The WONDER WOMAN episode that aired that night was the last one that would air until Fall. The NEXT one that aired was the one that would ultimately become important to me as the biggest TV role for murdered starlet Christa Helm, whose case and life story I would end up investigating three decades later.
But, no...the one that aired THAT night featured actress Lynda Day George as a Nazi Wonder Woman. It's okay. I watched it a couple of years ago when I picked up the DVD set of the WONDER WOMAN series at a bargain price of fifteen dollars a season!

Similarly, the art on STARFAWN, a FICTION ILLUSTRATED digest graphic novel, did not hold up for me. Clearly I loved it on that day (in spite of its tiny and hard to see printing). The art was by Stephen Fabian whose work I knew only from fanzines. He has had a very successful career since and was nominated multiple times for Hugo Awards. In 2006, he actually won a World Fantasy Award for Life Achievement.

"Jimmy" was most likely my cousin Joan's husband. I knew several Jimmy's including my dad's barber and a couple of fellow students. It seems unlikely they would have asked my family to come visit them so I'm going with Joan's husband.

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