Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Monday, April 26th, 1976

Continued writing the new story in my journal.

Read some more comics and I watched a very good flick with the Duke on TV.

Big article about the Tony Orlando and Dawn concert in the paper.

We still haven't written to Louisville!

NOTES: Apparently I wasn't in much of a mood to write in the Journal on this date.

The Louisville reference was, in case you've forgotten, regarding Omnicon. I was getting nervous that the hotel rooms might sell out and we wouldn't get to go. I couldn't write because my parents would have to be the ones reserving the room.

"Duke" was, of course, John Wayne. One of the films I remember my parents taking me to as a child was 1968's HELLFIGHTERS with Wayne. I had become a big fan of his iconic westerns on TV and, even though I somehow missed seeing TRUE GRIT on the big screen, John Wayne became a favorite and I saw all of his remaining movies from that point on in theaters. Later in 1976, his very last movie, THE SHOOTIST, would be released.

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