Friday, April 15, 2011

Thursday, April 15th, 1976

Wings over Cincinnati! McCartney is coming to the new Coliseum! Tickets go on sale tomorrow morning for $8.50 each. That's a lot of money for a concert ticket but I have to have one even though I don't know anyone to go with! Mom and I talked about it this morning and she suggested I might try to take a date to the concert. Debbie's name was even brought up. Thing is, tickets go on sale tomorrow so there's no time for all that nonsense. If I'm going to be sure I get one I just have to buy one now. Concert is going to be May 27th. I sure hope there's no large crowd for the tickets!

Speaking of concerts, Tony Orlando was on DINAH today. Then later I saw Alfred Hitchcock on Merv's show.

I finally got my hair cut and I think I spent 15 minutes afterwards just trying to get all the little leftover hairs off me and my clothes.

New books were out over the river already so I didn't go all the way out to NKBS.

IT again for hopefully the last time during break.

NOTES: I don't know if you've noticed the pattern but, with the exception of Terry or, on occasion, my parents, I generally went to things alone. Movies, malls, downtown, comic conventions and now...concerts. It was never an issue to me (except maybe regarding transportation). It just seemed natural not to depend on someone else unless I absolutely had to.

I was totally excited about the concept of seeing a real live Beatle...and my favorite one at that! More on that as it develops.

Alfred Hitchcock was someone I had known as a bit of a punchline from his TV appearances on his own show when I was very young and later in reruns. Around this time, between revivals and TV showings, I was just starting to discover why Hitch as a film director was anything BUT a punchline. At this time in '76, he was promoting what would prove to be his final film, THE FAMILY PLOT.

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  1. Now tickets would be 200-300 hundred bucks to see Paul. I am not much of a Paul fan, but that was a great tour - as seen in the film Rockshow (Wings Over America).