Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunday, April 25th, 1976

Terry offered me the chance to go back to the Con with him but I really couldn't think of a reason to go. Not only that, after all the work I put into getting there solo yesterday, it would have felt weird to just have someone easily drive me there, today.

Big Beatles day! McCartney's new album is # 1 on the charts this week and his new single is at # 26 and climbing! I still say it'll hit # 1. Then tonight I watched the uncut YELLOW SUBMARINE on TV.

Except for IT, I spent the whole rest of the day reading yesterday's comic books and doing English homework.

NOTES:The McCartney album was actually the Wings album, WINGS AT THE SPEED OF SOUND. It featured the hits SILLY LOVE SONGS and LET 'EM IN. The former would prove me right when it soon hit # 1 twice!

YELLOW SUBMARINE may not have been the very first movie I was allowed to attend by myself but I credit it as such. It was certainly around that time. It was released in late 1968 and I was 9 years old. The movie opened in Covington at the Madison Theatre. I arrived early but there was still a line that stretched all the way down to Woolworth's at the far end of the block! This particular TV run wasn't actually complete. I didn't realize at the time that the "Hey, Bulldog" sequence was missing. It was later restored for DVD release. YELLOW SUBMARINE remains a favorite of mine.

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