Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Tuesday, April 20th, 1976

A bad day, basically. Lots of heat, homework, TV reruns and preemptions.

For my journal entry at school I wrote what I thought was a pretty good poem.

I got TBG in the mail. Lots of creative ads this week. Lots of ads for upcoming comics conventions that are pretty close, too, but I can't afford 'em all.

NOTES: As I wrote before, THE BUYER'S GYIDE FOR COMIC FANDOM (aka TBG) was a major part of my life in keeping up with comic book collecting in those pre-Internet days. By this point, it was a weekly, tabloid sized newspaper, often in two (and sometimes THREE!) sections! Here we have a typically fannish cover from earlier in 1976, this one drawn by Russ Maheras, a popular fan artist who is these days one of my Facebook friends.

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