Friday, April 8, 2011

Thursday, April 8th, 1976

Slightly better day at school. My sores were a little less painful, too, but the skin had reformed over the band-aids! THAT hurt like hell to get off! Also at school, I seem to have accidentally started a rumor that I would be going to the prom with Betty Dean (no comics readers in my class).

Lots of movies to see this weekend. We may all go see BUTCH & SUNDANCE.

NOTES: No memory of how I got that rumor started but I know where I got that name. Betty Dean had been a major supporting character in the Golden Age SUB-MARINER stories of the 1940's. In the early seventies, Bill Everett, the original creator of that series, had returned to the comic and brought back the now aged Betty. I was really enjoying those still newish stories and had been re-reading reprints of the old so the name stuck with me.

I was thinking the movie reference here was to BUTCH & SUNDANCE: THE EARLY DAYS, the film for which the term "prequel" was invented. That picture, however, came out 3 years later. In spite of the fact that I was excited about all the new movies out this week in '76, it looks like my parents and I were considering going to see the original Redford/Newman BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID on re-release. Weird.

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