Sunday, April 3, 2011

Saturday, April 3rd, 1976

Terry called this evening and we talked for 90 minutes but there was really nothing good on TV tonight anyway.

I helped out with a little yard work this afternoon but not much. I went back to NKBS and got a few new things, a few old things and most important, FF Annual # 2 for only five bucks in what I would call Near-Mint condition! Wow!

Thought I might have seen Debbie getting off the bus I was on today with two other girls. They got off at the stop where I think Debbie's house might be near. If it was her, she didn't recognize me or didn't see me. Made me very nervous the rest of the day.


Just realized I'm two days behind in my hair stuff.

NOTES: FANTASTIC FOUR ANNUAL # 2 was and is one of THE great comics of the Silver Age. This was a big deal! As a collector, I like to actually read them so I've never been all that much on condition but near-mint! This was cool!

Ugh! Debbie again! Move on, kid! You're wasting your best years pining over someone you haven't seen since both of you were children!!!

WINGS AT THE SPEED OF SOUND would be the most group-like album Wings ever did. Rather than feature Paul McCartney and the rest of the folks as simply a back-up group, here each member was given a chance to be highlighted and the result was quite good. Makes me wish there had been more actual Wings albums.

The "hair stuff" was Grecian Formula 16. The grey in my hair didn't bother me. I never saw it except when I looked in a mirror. It seemed to bother everyone else at school, though, so I started using that stuff that was supposed to gradually turn your hair back to its original color. If it worked, I never noticed. Just made my hair feel greasy all the time. Yeah. Chicks loved that. Ugh.

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  1. Tonight ended the all-too-brief one-and-change-season of S.W.A.T. "Officer Luca, You're Dead"; actually a pretty good one centering around Mark Shera's Officer Dominic Luca who has been squandered most this season as a "Vinnie-Barbarino-esque" stooge with the occasional one liner or Tiger Beat glamour shot; I look forward to Shera when he joins the cast of Barnaby Jones the next TV season.

    (Can't remember what's next for Urich, Tabitha or Soap...)