Saturday, April 23, 2011

Friday, April 23rd, 1976

We got to see an army band in concert at school and they were really, really good! I didn't care for where I ended up having to sit, though. We got out at 3 but there was no bus 'til 3:15 anyway.

Dad brought home the New York newspaper for the first time in years. So nice to see all the classic comic strips again.

I saw STAR TREK again.

Eddie Mitchell left SS for good apparently.

I found out that I will have to tae two busses and a cab to get to the Con. Hope it doesn't cost too much because that will have to come out of my book money. At first I was going to get off the bus at Sharon Road but then there's still be a long walk and I'm not sure exactly where to so I decided it would make more sense to go all the way out to the Tri-County Mall on the bus, then call a cab. Probably closer in the end. It'll take a while to get there and I'll have to start back no later than 4 so I'll have to work fast. As expected, Terry won't be able to go because of his new job.

NOTES: Eddie Mitchell was one of the regular employees at the Social Security Office where we cleaned up after hours.

I'm not sure why I wasn't watching STAR TREK more often during this period.

I finally had my transportation to the Comic Con all figured out. As I've said, in those pre-driving days, I pretty much had to schedule entire days for what would otherwise have been a brief trip. Taking into account time waiting for the bus and the cab, the trip I was about to take ended up taking about two and a half hours each way. Today--assuming one could afford any gas--that same trip would have taken me about 20 minutes if the traffic was light.
For a while in the early 1970's, my dad would regularly pick up a copy of the new York Sunday News, a practice I continued for a couple years. We pretty much trashed the regular newspaper part but he and I both loved the comics...and for some reason they were printed a full week earlier than in our paper! Never understood that. They had DICK TRACY, LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE, SMOKEY STOVER, RICK O'SHAY and even the Sunday PEANUTS which wasn't carried locally.

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