Friday, April 22, 2011

Thursday, April 22nd, 1976

Slightly easier day at school today. Tomorrow I plan on telling Mr. Spurlock that I'll take the position with HORIZONS.

Tried and failed yet again concerning the Con bus schedule.

I saw George Burns on THE MAC DAVIS SHOW this evening.

NOTES: The problem with the bus schedules in those pre-Internet days was mainly that I lived in Kentucky and the bus I would need to take to get to that comic book convention was in Ohio. Kentucky had T.A.N.K.--the Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky. Ohio had Queen City Metro. Never the twain shall meet. The Kentucky busses would go into Ohio just long enough to circle around in an old trolley car terminal. The Ohio busses never ventured South at all. Thus the confusion in figuring out two bus routes to get there and needing a schedule for multiple Ohio busses to figure out which one would be correct. In the end...I took 2 busses and a taxi.

Mac Davis is a now oddly forgotten country/pop singer and sometime actor noted for his curly hair and sometimes tongue-in0cheek songs. He had scored ratings with several TV specials in the previous season and was given his own weekly show in March of '76.

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