Friday, April 29, 2011

Thursday, April 29th, 1976

The day kind of dragged a little. Lately I notice I've been talking more at school with girls than with guys. Less ones I might become personally involved with and more like Amy and Jackie.

I had relatively little trouble getting a lot of Physics problems done.

93 on Algebra test and 82 (could otherwise have been a 54!) on Spanish.

In Creative Writing, I have to decide on a team project.

Had terrible problem with my stomach most of the evening.

NOTES: Amy and Jackie were two girls with whom I shared various classes. Quite frankly, there were several "Jackies" and I don't remember ever saying much to any of them until recently as one of them now lives at the other end of my block here in 2011.

Amy I remember. She had been in my classes since 7th Grade. She was classy, pretty and smart and never for a second did I look at her in any way other than WAY out of my league...if I had even had a league. My biggest memory of her was reading Robert Heinlein's STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND over her shoulder when she sat in front of me in some class. I didn't realize she had noticed me doing so but after she finished, she turned around and handed it to me and said, "Here. Now you can finish it yourself,"

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  1. On this night the last episode of a wonderful gone-too-soon cop drama Harry O with David Janssen and Anthony Zerbe aired "Death Certificate" not a strong A-story with Ruth Roman but very touching moment of Orwell coming to terms with his relationship with a semi-regular character Spencer Johnson played by character actor Bill Henderson