Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday, April 18th, 1976

My last free day for about a month and a half. I got up early, read the paper and then started in reading more of the Price Guide along with a 16 ounce Coke and some Easter Eggs.

Later we went to church and it was the most crowded church I'd ever seen it. (What a sentence!) Bonnie Horton from school sat right in front of me for a while with her family. Not sure she knew who I was.

Later this afternoon I actually finished the Price Guide!

Mom went out sopping with Dad and said she'd pick me up Donny and Marie's new album but she couldn't find it. Later on the news we heard that Marie and her mother had been in a car accident! Hope they're okay!

Wings' latest single finally cracked the Top 40 at # 35. I still predict Top Ten eventually.

I stayed home to watch a gorgeous teenage Elizabeth Taylor in a movie on TV so I ended up still not getting out to a show. And next week I won't be home. Well, at least now I like William Powell.

Thinking of dedicating my next scrapbook to sexy women and including a lot of sexy pix.

Watched the Tony Awards on TV tonight...or at least most of 'em.

For some reason my mouth is hurting terribly tonight.

NOTES: Starting in 1972, I began clipping movie ads from newspapers and making scrapbooks. Eventually I added TV Guide clippings and pictures from movie and TV magazines and other pop memorabilia. By the early eighties I had no less than 28 scrapbooks and the movies--or their ads--weren't really as good anymore it seemed. So I quit. For many years I carted them around with me wherever I moved but rarely looked at them. Finally I took out the coolest clippings and stuffed them in envelopes and boxes and thinned out the collection. Seven years ago, I started sharing many of my scrapbook treasures on my blog, BOOKSTEVE'S LIBRARY.

I was never really a fan of the just recently deceased Elizabeth Taylor. She certainly was beautiful, though. The movie I had seen this day in '76 was the classic LIFE WITH FATHER starring William Powell. It ended up being Powell who would join the ranks of my all-time favorite classic film stars after that day!

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