Sunday, April 17, 2011

Saturday, April 17th, 1976

Helped clean the yard today but will definitely see a film tomorrow.

Finally got the Overstreet Price Guide along with EERIE # 60 over at the Ohio Book Store. Also made the definite decision to start collecting HUSTLER and PLAYBOY officially when I turn 18 next January. The former is better for the pictures and the latter is collectible for lots of reasons. Was looking through back issues of both at the OBS and found several of those reasons, not the least of which was Barbi Benton topless! WOW!

I resubscribed to the RBCC today, then read CONAN THE CONQUERER in comics form. After that, I settled back and started reading the Price Guide. Got up to "G!"

Tonight Doug's mother called to talk to Mom about something and then Mom and Dad and I colored eggs. Made it seem a bit more like Easter tomorrow.

NOTES: That first Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide opened up a whole new world to me. I wasn't so much interested in the prices but in the history of comics to be found by reading between the lines. Thousands of titles I'd never heard of from long gone companies by artists who had at one time been big in the field. I regularly bought the Guide for about a decade after that but never again got as much out of it as that first year.

Obviously, if you've been reading this blog, I had already been buying HUSTLER but strangely had never actually looked at a PLAYBOY in any real depth until that day. I did start a collection of PLAYBOY (but not HUSTLER) and collected it from early 1977 to sometime in the early 1980's. The problem was those things weigh a TON! Eventually, I stopped getting the magazine and, some years later, actually went through them all and (Horrors!) ripped out any parts I wanted to keep (mostly articles. Seriously). I threw out the rest.

Barbi Benton, seen on the cuter than cute cover above that I had looked at that day, had been Hef's girlfriend at one time. She later became one of the sexy, funny country gals on TV's HEE HAW, had fairly successful careers as a not bad country/pop singer, a TV actress and a game show celeb. She also would star in what I still consider perhaps the worst movie I ever saw--a no budget horror effort entitled X-RAY!


  1. I had forgotten about the Overstreet Price Guide! What did your Mom think about your 'collection' of Playboy's & Hustler's?

  2. The mags stayed stuffed under the chair cushion while she was alive. After she died 5 years later, I was a little more open about buying the stuff. I figured after all I was 22 years old by then!

  3. I recall buying my first Overstreet Guide. I believe is was the 1981 edition. I had collected new comics for several years at that point, but wanted to collect older ones. Alas, it was another 10 years before a local comic shop opened near me and opened up a new world of old comics.