Sunday, April 10, 2011

Saturday, April 10th, 1976

Terry was away today but i made my rounds anyway. Got very few things even though I was in Cincy as well as out in Erlanger at the NKBS.

Got a massive headache, however, by not taking my pill. The worst part os the really terrible dizzy spell that hit me after I got home. Throughout the evening I could barely even walk!

Mom and Dad went to the grocery and she got me a beautiful Beethoven album--first in a series. Don't know about the rest, though.

NOTES: The "pill" to which I refer was a dramamine tablet. I had then only recently discovered them after a lifelong problem with motion sickness and they were amazing. They only left me sleepy if I was inactive. If I was on a bus or otherwise traveling, it was like I could suddenly enjoy the scenery instead of wondering how long it would be before I threw up on the person sitting next to me. A few years later, I actually rode the Racer roller coaster at King's Island on three dramamine... just to say I did it. I had never been able to ride amusement park rides my whole life!

The Beethoven LP my mother purchased that day was the first one in the series of Funk & Wagnalls Family Library of Classical Music. It was one of those series where you picked up a different volume at the grocery store every week. This first one was Beethoven's sixth symphony, the Pastoral. Oddly enough, I was familiar with the music because Edward G. Robinson had died to portions of it in one of the best movie death scenes ever, in 1973's SOYLENT GREEN! It became and has remained my all-time favorite classical piece. We would try other albums in the series but I just could never get into them and Classical has remained one genre of music that I respect...but have never particularly embraced.

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