Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wednesday, April 21st, 1976

Another bad day. Got a feeling they're all gonna be bad for the next month or so until school's out.

Nothing out over the river. Terry tells me he probably won't make the Con. He got a job at McDonalds in Newport.

Mr. Spurlock gave me a really neat poetry book to read.

The bus home was oddly enough the highlight of my day when I found myself pressed up very, very tightly (like that Crumb cover!) against this really pretty girl named Constance that rides the same bus all the time with me. Wow! I have a new crush...literally.

WONDER WOMAN was on again tonight and also next week! Also watched Burt Reynolds and Gene Hackman together in the first episode of Burt's HAWK TV series originally aired ten years ago!

NOTES: Wish I could remember what that poetry book was. Might have been the traditionally small-case e.e. cummings as I do recall a teacher at some point saying my poetry was reminiscent of his and yet I had never heard of him. That teacher gave me a copy of one of his collections. If so, that's the book seen above.

Very sad about Constance (not her real name). Whilst I rode the bus with her for the remainder of this and the next year, I never actually spoke to her. Over the years, I'd wonder what became of Constance. Then, a few years ago, I noticed she was on the casualty list of my high school reunion committee's website. Turns out she died of cancer not long after graduation! R.I.P.

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