Friday, April 1, 2011

Thursday, April 1st, 1976

No April Fool's jokes pulled on me today. Guess that's one benefit of being invisible.

I heard Paul McCartney's new single on the radio this evening and will begin looking for the album this weekend if I find time.

Creative Writing may be harder than I thought, especially if I want an A and I've had nothing but A's in English so far.

I heard that Stefanie has her own series coming this Fall and that CHARLIE'S ANGELS is going to be a series, too.

NOTES: The McCartney single in question was SILLY LOVE SONGS which would be Wings' biggest song in the US and top the charts twice later in the year when McCartney first toured the US without the Beatles.

Not sure exactly why I was so intimidated by Creative Writing at this point. Eventually I would get the only award I received throughout my high school years--an unexpected plaque as Outstanding English Student. I always felt it was based largely on my performance in Creative Writing.

Stefanie Powers' new series almost didn't make it on the air at all come Fall. Originally entitled FEATHER AND FATHER, they added the word "GANG" at the end during a long delay that saw it finally hitting the airwaves in December. Briefly. It dealt with an attorney and her con man father, played by Harold Gould, solving crimes. Her real TV success was another couple of seasons away with HART TO HART.

Meanwhile, CHARLIE'S ANGELS, a titillating TV movie about sexy detectives that had just aired for the first time two weeks earlier, went on to become one of THE big TV successes of the seventies. It spawned the Farrah phenomenon as well as later feature films and, in 2011, an upcoming remake series.

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