Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wednesday, March 31st, 1976

Definitely on the good side. I got an A on the Physics test. Finally! On my report card, though, I got grade for grade exactly what I got last time. I also found out that Cheri moved away last month.

More new books out over the river after school and I saw where SUNSHINE BOYS got held over after George Burns won the Oscar. Only problem is if I go back to NKBS I'll end up in the same problem I had last weekend. Add to that the fact that there's other good flicks opening this week.

I'm thinking about sending away for a catalog of old radio shows on cassette.

NOTES: That last sentence was actually rather important. Not sure which catalog I sent for first but the two I most enjoyed over the next few years were those of Radio Showcase and Jim Harmon. I ended up ordering more and more cassettes on a regular basis than I did comics stuff. Ultimately I ended up with more than 1500 cassettes of OTR shows. For years I would listen to them over and over in the car on the way to and from work. At one point I had a 40 minute trip each way for several years so that worked out great! My interest in old-time radio grew and grew and led to my performing in re-creations of the old radio shows and actually becoming friends with some of the surviving actors. In the new century, I replaced most of those cassettes with space-saving MP3 discs. Last year, I boxed up about 200 of the tapes and shipped them to a friend who was only just discovering the joys of OTR.

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