Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday, March 14th, 1976

I finally finished my plastic shirt! It looked just great until it tore up as soon as I tried to put it on. Oh well, back to the old drawing board.

Saw Mel Blanc on WONDERAMA this morning! Neat!

I don't really care for parades but Mom and I went to see the local St Patrick's Day Parade this afternoon.

Tonight was movie rerun night on TV. Saw THE WIZARD OF OZ and HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER again.

I really got going on NIGHT CRUISE finally and got more than halfway through writing it.

NOTES: I barely remember the plastic shirt idea. It was inspired by the plastic "sleeves" that newspapers had started coming in (which were fairly recent at that point). I took a couple, clipped open the other ends, took a few more and cut them completely open and folded them out, then taped it all together with clear tape. It DID look good but the plastic stuck to my skin when I attempted to don it and the sleeves ripped right off. Hey. You try.

Mel Blanc was, of course, the great cartoon voice actor and former JACK BENNY SHOW co-star. Once a TV mainstay, by 1976 his appearance anywhere on air was a rare treat. Already, I was at least subconsciously wanting to do cartoon voices.

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