Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunday, March 7th, 1976

I went back over the river this morning to pick up the books I missed yesterday. Also grabbed WEIRD HEROES vol 2 finally.

I think I'm reaching a new level of acceptance. I did IT again and didn't really let it bother me this time. Just a part of being human I think.

Well, I finally started on NIGHT CRUISE or whatever I decide to call it once it's finished. Didn't get very far with it really but I still have time. Need to make sure I plant the clues for the twist ending.

Tonight on TV along with ELLERY QUEEN (of course) I watched the ALMOST ANYTHING GOES championships!

NOTES: WEIRD HEROES was a valiant attempt by author and book packager Byron Preiss to create new pulp heroes for the seventies. The first two volumes featured short stories and novellas by some of the best comics and sci-fi authors of the day. Illustrations were also by some of the best. Most of the later volumes concentrated on single stories and characters which immediately made them more niche items for those who thought that individual book looked good. Thus the series didn't last long. Preiss had also just begun the digest graphic novel series FICTION ILLUSTRATED that I wrote about recently. It ran into the same problem. Later he would have more success with fantasy projects and teen books before his untimely death.

ALMOST ANYTHING GOES was a fun early reality show that emphasized exaggerated semi-sporting events of the type one might see at a family picnic...mixed with the Olympics.


  1. IT. That's Funny. We had a newstand in Momence, IL where I grew up and they sold those Xaviera Hollander (Happy Hooker) paperbacks right there in the open. I bought my first one at 14. Taught me everything; especially her "Letters" book. Better than any sex ed class. She was smart. I wasn't able to buy any real porn until I was also 17, but I looked older. by this time we were in Galesburg, IL. Different newstand; lots of porn. Club International; Hustler; Playboy. Looked at them; but couldn't buy them often; not enough cash for that AND comic books and music. Ironic, too that you have ads below the posting saying Master The Domain. Yes, they are for on-line degrees but Remember that Sienfeld ep? "Master of his/her Domain". All about who could go the longest without doing IT?

  2. Tonight's episode of Ellery Queen was "The Adventure of the Tyrant of Tin Pan Alley" with Rudy Vallee, Polly Bergen, Ken Berry, Michael Callan, Norman Fell and Albert Salmi. Fair episode!