Friday, March 4, 2011

Thursday, March 4th, 1976

Not much can be said for today. One of those in-between days.

Two new European films are opening at the International '70 tomorrow. Might see them this weekend.

Dinner hurt my stomach this evening.

That's about it, I guess. Oh, did also see the SUPERSTAR pilot on TV tonight.

NOTES: Apparently that last line refers to BERT D'ANGELO, SUPERSTAR, a short-lived TV police drama starring Mira Sorvino's dad, Paul Sorvino. On this date, Sorvino played the character on an episode of THE STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO. Not sure how that was the pilot, however, though, as the series itself had premiered in January.

I've always had gastrointestinal issues. Surprised it hasn't come up until now in the Journal. Never had the problem specifically identified but I had to miss a number of days of school due to these issues over the years. Nowadays, they are largely under control with over the counter meds but I still tend to not eat out...just in case. Until recently I would often go with friends to restaurants but rarely eat. I can literally say I've been to quite a few restaurants where I've never actually eaten!

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