Thursday, March 17, 2011

Wednesday, March 17th, 1976

What a day! I passed that Physics test but only with a high C.

Didn't get much over the river after school but I came home to find...WHA!!!??, HOT STUF' 1, The SPIRIT tabloid, GAMUT and finally the new TBG! Wow! I'll still be reading it all tomorrow.

On TV48, I saw a Laurel and Hardy silent spectacular but I had to skip THE BIONIC WOMAN because of it.

Finally got hold of Terry. We might see BLAZING SADDLES again this weekend. It's playing over at the Newport Cinemas. Looks like they might close so that would give us one last chance to go there.

NOTES: I have no recollection as to why Terry had been so hard to get hold of for so long during this period. When I did finally re-connect then it seems it was business as usual.

You KNOW I enjoyed Laurel and Hardy when I willingly passed up Lindsay Wagner for the boys!

Mel Brooks' BLAZING SADDLES remains a favorite comedy with more laughs per minute than just about any film ever...including AIRPLANE in my opinion. Well...cleverer gags anyway.

GAMUT seen here was a comics fanzine I had completely and totally forgotten until I re-read this entry. A nice cover by Mike Ploog but I suppose the insides were less than interesting since I neither recall them nor do I still have that one. NOt sure what happened to it.

Note that this was St Patrick's Day...not a day I particularly considered any different than any other.

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