Monday, March 28, 2011

Sunday, March 28th, 1976

Things seem to kind of be falling into place. We went to church and spent most of the rest of the day watching the telethon and I just felt very good for some reason. I gave a dollar to the National Guard guys collecting for the telethon. Finally had some official Double White Castles. Tasted exactly the same as the ones I made myself from two singles a couple of months ago!

Several good films start this next week and Lily Tomlin's in town, too. I may write to her. I've also got to write Yoshiko and Don Rosa. I cleared off my desk today and plan on cleaning up the rest of my "office" area.

I've gone Steve Gerber crazy this week as the Beatles fade out for awhile. I finally took the time to read a long-neglected Man-Thing text story by him in MONSTERS UNLEASHED. Gerber's stories may be a little depressing but I haven't felt this "up" in weeks.

Dad seems to be serious about retiring. I almost hope he doesn't for I fear lack of work may end up hurting him.

NOTES: My dad kept putting off the concept of retiring. He had been almost 50 when I was born as his only child. While I was going up he was often mistaken for my grandfather. In 1976, he was 66 years old and at that time 65 was considered retirement age. After being hit by a car in 1978, he was sort of forced into it finally. It wasn't as bad as I thought. After his recovery, my mother died and he and I lived together for another 12 years until he had a massive stroke after rarely having been sick a day in his life.

Yoshiko was my first Japanese pen-pal. I think it was in 10th grade when we got them through school. I ended up with three ultimately and we wrote back and forth in our letter red, blue and white air mail envelopes for years afterwards.

Comedian Lily Tomlin was and is another favorite. I had developed the concept of writing to celebs coming to town in care of the venue they were going to appear at. More often than not, when they arrived someone simply gave them the letter and I would sometimes hear back from them in a rather obviously non form-letter way. Not sure if I ever got around to writing Lily but if I did, I never heard back.

As far as the going to church, it wasn't happening very much by this point and would happen less and less over the next few years. When I did go, it was more a of a family bonding thing and my mind was often on comic books while the Preacher was preaching.

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  1. This night aired the last episode of the "one-and-done" CBS cop show Bronk with Jack Palance "The Vigilante" which was actually a back-door pilot (not picked up) of a former secret service agent turned private detective played by Vic Morrow.

    Also looked up why Lily Tomlin was in town: She was playing at a dinner show place called "Beverly Hills" from March 311 to April 4.