Sunday, March 6, 2011

Saturday, March 6th, 1976

Everything I set out to do today, I did. I saw both European films and they were great fun. All the new comics were out, too. That was a surprise. The only bigger surprise was when I did something I've always been afraid I'd do--I got home with two copies of the same book! Oh well, that's one quarter I'll never get back!

Got HUSTLER, too. This issue actually has a good article on underground comix.

I couldn't help notice this evening that certain feelings are no longer as puzzling and indifferent but seem to be leading me towards definite beliefs and philosophies. As they say, "The times they are a'changin'."

NOTES: I don't know why I kept just referring to them as "the european films" in my Journal. Here's what they were--SHADOWMAN was, in fact, a French (I believe. May have been German) TV serial edited into feature form and starred the former GOLDFINGER, Gert Froebe, as the hero! THE STRANGER'S GUNDOWN was a fairly generic spaghetti western, a genre I had come to enjoy through Clint Eastwood and Terrence Hill. Very few of the hundreds of Italian westerns made in the sixties and seventies were released in the US and even fewer of those made it to Cincinnati but I have caught scores in recent years through the magic of DVD's and the Web.

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