Saturday, March 19, 2011

Friday, March 19th, 1976

Terry says we'll definitely be able to go to the Tony Orlando and Dawn concert next month. He's picking up the tickets tomorrow. He also tells me that Nicholas Meyer has written a second Sherlock Holmes novel that's being serialized in PLAYBOY. I'll keep my eyes out for the paperback.

IT happened and for once I just let myself enjoy it without guilt. Not sure if that's progress or just the opposite.

TV schedule was very awkward tonight but I just got around it the best I could.

NOTES: No idea what that last line meant. As far as IT, as I said earlier there were times when I just gave in to my own hormonal urges but the guilt would always come back next time.

Nicholas Meyer was the bestselling author who wrote the Sherlock Holmes novel, THE SEVEN PERCENT SOLUTION. His second one was entitled THE WEST END HORROR. Soon enough he moved on to films where he became associated with the best of the various STAR TREK movies of the eighties as writer and sometimes director.

Tony Orlando and Dawn were a popular recording trio who surprised many with an amazingly popular TV variety series showcasing the charismatic lead singer and his lovely African-American backup singers (who had previously done the female vocals on Isaac Hayes' "Theme From SHAFT."). They would be appearing at Cincinnati's brand new Riverfront Coliseum. Wanting to see the newly built arena, Terry and I looked at the initially announced concerts coming to the venue and decided we would see either Dawn or Sammy Davis Jr with Freddie Prinze. We decided on the former. It would be the very first concert of any kind I had ever attended.

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