Thursday, March 3, 2011

Wednesday, March 3rd, 1976

I had a hard time getting to sleep again last night.

While I was over the river I managed to avoid getting THOSE magazines but if they're still there by Saturday I'm liable to get them anyway. I miscalculated somewhere, too. Only DOC SAVAGE and PLANET OF THE APES were out.

We didn't get a paper again! What's wrong with these people? Or is somebody stealing it from the porch?

Unseasonably high temps all day.

NOTES: By this point, rather than fight my hormonal urges, I was willing to accept the inevitable and just postpone them as much as possible.

Seen above are the two magazines I actually DID get on this date. These were both black and white comics magazines based on licensed properties and put out by Marvel Comics.


  1. a quick question, Steve. Weren't you too young to legally purchase "those" magazines? Or - were you already 18?

    Also - Planet of the Apes was one of my favorite movies back in the '70s. I didn't know there was a comic book series on it, too!

  2. Yes, I was too young. I also had enough grey in my hair after age 14 or so that not once did anyone ever question it when I brought 'em up to the counter. I don't believe I actually ever purchased a PLAYBOY or PENTHOUSE before I was 18 but I was a veteran reader of some of the more explicit mags by then.

    BTW, the Internet being what it is, I was recently friended on Facebook by a man who had been an editor of one of the mags I bought during this period. And he friended me for an entirely different reason having nothing whatsoever to do with that sort of thing. I just remembered his name after a while. Surreal!

  3. Back in the 1980s , a guy at a local convenience store would sell kids smokes and / or men's magazines if there was no one else in the store . He was a Scuzzy looking guy , but I got a Playboy from there at 13 years old !! .

  4. Tonight was the last episode of the five-season run of Cannon with William Conrad, "Madman" with Charles Aidman and Peter Mark Richman.

    (Very bittersweet viewing. I expect a few more as I close out 75-76 season...)