Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday, March 12th, 1976

The cold still getting better.

Seeing Brenda Nooman so often going to school brings back memories both good and bad. More than anything else lately, in fact. Good memories and yet lost memories. Lately I've been unconsciously beginning to think of the past as a place and not a time.

I got to play Cary Grant's part in ARSENIC & OLD LACE read aloud in class! Even with my cold, I thought I did a better job of acting than most everyone else but I had some critics!

Other than that, I had a hard time making ends meet at school today workwise. Got it all done but gave none of it my best effort.

At work tonight, we accidentally ended up with Holmes' big game playing on the radio and I listened. Holmes won.

There was a tornado watch on all evening. That's the type of watch I really hate.

NOTES: ARSENIC & OLD LACE is the classic comedy where Cary Grant just lets himself go as Mortimer Brewster whose Aunts are quietly murdering boarders. I had only recently seen the movie and it was all I could do to avoid doing a Cary Grant accent in my role. This was one of many films that led to Grant becoming one of my favorite actors.

Brenda Nooman (not her real name) was this girl who lived across the street from me years earlier. When I was in 6th grade, she started 1st grade and her mom paid me $5.00 a week to walk her to school and back safely every day. We got along great but after a few months, her mother got upset about something that she never really explained and fired me, hiring a girl from down the block to walk her instead. By this point in 1976, Brenda was in the 6th grade at the Holmes Junior Building and often was on my bus. She never seemed to remember me but I always wished her a good morning when I saw her.

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  1. I love this movie from beginning to end.
    Cary Grant's best comedic movie.