Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Monday, March 8th, 1976

I was sick on the inside today but seemed okay on the outside so I went to school, mainly so I could take my Mystery test but i forgot to skip lines! Aaargh! Those Junior tests started today also. I'm not sure but I think mine's going to be next Monday. I know it isn't tomorrow which is good because if I feel this bad tomorrow, I'm staying home.

No paper again! We might as well cancel our subscription since we have to keep picking them up from the corner rack anyhow.

I still can't get Terry's phone number to work. Struck out twice this evening. Don't know what's going on there.

There were two ads in this week's TBG where I could order FF Annual # 2 for only 3 bucks!

Tonight I watched Rob Reiner and his wife Penny Marshall on Carl Reiner's GOOD HEAVENS. After that I watched Rob in his usual home on ALL IN THE FAMILY with Carroll O'Conner and then finally watched Penny Marshall on Merv Griffin's talk show with...Carroll O' Conner!

NOTES: Although now long gone their separate ways, Rob Reiner and Penny Marshall were actually quite the hot couple during this period--as evidenced by the PEOPLE cover seen above from only a couple of weeks later. Obviously, they were all over the TV both together and separately then. These days most of the time they work behind the scenes as directors.

The number one song on the US charts this week was DECEMBER 1963 (OH, WHAT A NIGHT) by the 4 Seasons. This was one of the last hits by the group once called America's answer to the Beatles. It was also one of the few that featured lead vocals by anyone other than Frankie Valli (who does get a solo though).

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