Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday March 23rd, 1976

I can't wait 'til next week when I've left most of those third grade fools in Mystery class far behind! Even Danny isn't totally exempt--he just takes whatever this losers dish out at him and ignores their jibes but you know it has to affect him! I know because that's what I did for so long. By this point they're just indifferent to me. With him I really think they feel like they're somehow better than him. Man!

Mr. Dupin copied the Dean's error of a few months ago, mistaking me for that stupid Steve Thomas! Even Mark admitted today that he doesn't even know my name. I know him pretty well but he doesn't even know my name! I haven't told him yet either!

Lots of work at SS tonight.

I think I'm somehow getting good feelings about girls again. No one in particular. Just in general. Just a new feeling about the female sex that seems unlike any I've ever felt before. I really can't explain it. It really hasn't hit too strongly but been feeling it more and more so I bet it will.

I just realized I haven't seen Cheri in school for quite a while now. Wonder what happened to her?

Back in October when I did my SLAUGHTERHOUSE-5 book report, I said that the movie was due to be on TV soon. Took it a while but I see it's finally in the TV GUIDE for next week. I may have been five months off but now it's their Pick of the Week!

NOTES: Don't ask me what was going on here. On the one hand I was fired up a lot more than normal over the other kids (and that's what we still were) picking on Danny, a boy in my Mystery class. It was also bothering me that Mark, for whom I had become a de facto guardian angel, didn't even really know who I was! Add to that the fact that the school officials themselves couldn't correctly identify me and I was really feeling invisible!

On the other hand, when it came to girls, I appeared to be hitting the combination of hormones and Spring Fever even if I didn't realize it!

One of the true joys of the elective classes was getting introduced to new authors, In the previous year's Sci-Fi class, it was Kurt Vonnegut for me. While Kurt himself never quite attained a position as an absolute favorite of mine, SLAUGHTERHOUSE-5 remains even now in my Top Ten favorite books of all time...even though I somehow apparently do NOT have a copy to share with my son. The copy seen above is the original 1969 trade paperback edition. This was the edition I had at one time.

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