Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wednesday, March 10th, 1976

Home sick again. Dad was, too, this time. I didn't feel as guilty about it today, though, even if I did start to feel better later in the afternoon. THAT GIRL today was about Ann's cold making her deaf. Mine seems to have done that, too. At least in one ear.

I copied my poems to turn in to HORIZONS. Found and gathered together all my notes on NIGHT CRUISE and nearly finished reading WEIRD HEROES.

I got a letter in the mail about Westcon but it's too far away.

I saw a new edition of BOZO'S BIG TOP on TV today. I really used to love that show when I was little. Was still pretty fun even now.

Also saw and taped Sergio Mendez and Brazil '77 on THE MIKE DOUGLAS SHOW singing THE WATERS OF MARCH. DesiArnaz Jr and Sr were also on along with the guy who played little Ricky on I LOVE LUCY. Since I had the tape recorder all set up, later I also taped Ray Bolger on THE MERV GRIFFIN SHOW doing a crazy version of ONCE IN LOVE WITH AMY.

The original pilots of STARSKY & HUTCH and good ol' Six Million resurfaced on TV tonight. Fun.

NOTES: Years later when we got cable TV, I was able to enjoy BOZO THE CLOWN all over again on WGN's long-running version of the great, classic kids program.

I still have that tape I made that day with Brazil 77 and Ray Bolger. I taped a bunch of stuff off the radio, too. Some years later, for reasons we won't get into here, the song ONCE IN LOVE WITH AMY became an issue when it was played in the restaurant where my wife and I were having our anniversary dinner. Let's just say it proved that the universe had a sense of humor and irony and also very, very bad timing.

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