Saturday, March 5, 2011

Friday, March 5th, 1976

Was on the radio that Larry Flynt offered Sally Struthers, Cher, Raquel and a few others one million each to pose for his explicit style centerfolds. I doubt any of them will take him up on it. Apparently Flynt works out of Cincinnati.

I volunteered my services as director if needed in a scene for Mystery class that Dave Purdon and three others are doing.

Watched Bob Hope's all-star JOYS on TV tonight with Groucho and almost everybody else! Marvelous!

In other news, Mom got home early today, I saw STAR TREK and I think I will go to see those two European flicks tomorrow or Sunday.

NOTES: In 1989 I actually did direct a stage production--a re-creation of an old-time radio script complete with sound effects. I decided I'd rather be a character actor.

Dave Purdon from my Mystery class still works near here and I see him at his store on a fairly regular basis.

None of the ladies in the HUSTLER publisher's publicity-grabbing offer ever took him up on it. He actually had worked out of Cincinnati originally with his HUSTLER nightclub downtown where the Aronoff Center is now. By 1976, however, I believe he was working on the magazine out of Columbus instead.

JOYS was "marvelous?" Wow. I must have been star-struck. It has to have been one of THE worst TV specials ever. Ostensibly a parody of JAWS in which scores of celebs gather at Bob Hope's house only to be killed off mysteriously, most of the guest stars have little to do other than be there. Groucho appears with Billy Barty as a prototype Mini-me. It was one of his final TV appearances and he probably should have skipped it. Still, where else is one likely to find Marty Allen, Jack Carter, Jan Murray and Harry Ritz together as seen above. If you really must see how bad it was for yourself, go here:

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  1. I just watched JOYS on YouTube tonight!! I can see what you mean, but I enjoyed watching the special!! Do you remember the Bob Hope Special for the Bicentennial?? It is also on YouTube!!