Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Monday, March 15th, 1976

The day passed fast because so much of it was spent on the big achievement test. I finished them all. I spent lunch down in the lobby with Marie McClosky who's still trying to get her boyfriend jealous. Also found out that I was on the A Honor Roll and could have had Reds tickets if I'd wanted them. I took ILLUMINATUS to school and got a lot read in between tests since I generally finished mine so quickly.

No TBG in today's mail but I did get Bob G.'s latest list and picked out eleven dollars worth of stuff to order. I'll try to lower that amount first. That's a lot.

Saw "The Naked Time" on STAR TREK tonight and GOOD HEAVENS was at least as good as last week's episode. Also watched what has to be my very favorite episode of ALL IN THE FAMILY--Gloria's baby announcement. I really do have quite a crush on Sally Struthers.

NOTES: Marie McClosky (not her real name) was, I suppose, the first of many women I would meet whose general sanity I would truly begin to question over time. Over the next year we would talk a lot at school. We were never a couple, never dated, never saw each other away from school...but later on my parents would come quite close to reporting her to the police for harassment. At this point, however, she was fun to talk with and I enjoyed that day in the lobby.

There was no actual lunch there, by the way. In fact, I never once ate lunch during high school because of my previously mentioned gastrointestinal issues. The funny part came toward the end of my senior year when we were all told to report to the cafeteria at our leisure for cap and gown fittings and I had to ask someone where to find the cafeteria!

The Sally Struthers thing was a passing fancy. By the time she resurfaced on her own spin-off series, GLORIA, after leaving ALL IN THE FAMILY, I was pretty lukewarm to her.

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