Friday, March 18, 2011

Thursday, March 18th, 1976

We got out early today for PTA. Last period, I had a long, fun talk with Marie McClosky about TV shows. I wish her boyfriend wasn't so jealous. All of the teachers seemed grumpy today. Don't know what that's all about.

Mark and I walked home together, stopping along the way at five different places so I could look for a Beatles album I never found. On the last leg of the walk, after Mark went his own way, I ran into Dad in town and the two of us walked home from there. He had picked up some White Castles and I discovered the existence of a White Castle Double!

Had to go in to work late tonight but got most of my stuff done and still had time to finish Greatheart Silver in WEIRD HEROES.

NOTES: Mark was a young man a grade or two below me who was...odd. He was friendly, chatty, nerdy and perhaps a tad mentally challenged. We often would ride the same bus and I would see the other kids picking on him. Eventually I had had enough and I stood up for him. Not like I was the toughest guy in the world but I could be loud and threatening and his bulliers were also younger than me. So I sort of became his unofficial protector and for a while I would wait for him so we could walk to the bus stop together. I don't recall where he lived and I never really saw him outside of a school context. No one stood up for me when I had been bullied over the years and it just seemed like if I COULD stand up for him, I I did.

White Castles had been the first hamburgers I had ever had. My dad would buy a sack after church when I was young and we'd munch on them off and on all day. At one point I was eating eight to ten at a time. Nowadays they don't like me vey well and I'm lucky if I can eat 4 without incapacitating myself for the rest of the day. Sad.

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