Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wednesday, March 24th, 1976

The whole day was basically a washout but part of that was probably due to anger on my part. Didn't help that we also had a fire drill parade.

Hey, I saw a Charlton educational POPEYE comic book with a King Comics logo. Weird!

At home I got TBG which told me two things--one that the next comic book convention here in town is on the same day as the concert so that leaves little doubt I'll miss it. It's the next day, too, but it's so far out. I've already started looking into possible ways to get there, though. I called Terry but he seemed disinterested. If he doesn't mention it, maybe I won't either and just go myself. Not like I'm keeping it a secret because I did tell him once. Since the ad says the upcoming con is sponsored by the Northern Kentucky Bookstore, there must BE a Northern Kentucky Bookstore so I may go there tomorrow or Saturday and check it out. No school tomorrow! Also, THE SUNSHINE BOYS is at Newport. I am definitely going there!

THE BIONIC WOMAN exhibited a noticeable scar on her upper lip tonight and in the previews. I never noticed it before. Wonder if that's from that bad accident she had a few months back?
Reminded me of Tonya in seventh grade only Tonya's similar scar was bigger. Wonder what ever happened to her? We both liked each other in very different ways, I guess but she and I were the total antithesis of each other. I'll never forget her, though.

NOTES: when it comes to those POPEYE comics, what can I say? I was easily amused. Oddly enough, I recently found a website where you can download PDF's of many of those Charlton/King POPEYE comics.

I was correct. Actress Lindsay Wagner had been in a pretty bad car accident a few months earlier and her lip had been split completely open. Since her character on the TV series had also been recovering from an accident--in that case a sky-diving one--it didn't look out of character and certainly made her no less a hottie to teenage boys everywhere.

Tonya had been a new girl in my seventh grade class a few years earlier. As stated, she also had a similar lip scar. In her case, I believe it was a birthmark. Still, what could have been a tragic disfigurement for a girl of her age went unnoticed by most as she was a popular cheerleader and dating several football players. She was smiley and chatty but not really a very good student. Thus she would sit with me in Study Hall and have me "tutor" her (read: do her Spanish and Math homework for her). She was also the youngest girl I ever knew then who genuinely appreciated the art of the dirty joke and, in fact, was the first person I ever heard use the word "lesbian." When she told me what it meant, I didn't believe her! Tonya moved away either after seventh grade or early in the next year but she was one of the very few kids to ever give me a photo and sign my yearbook. She wrote, "To Steve--a nice boy in school." Yeah. She was crazy about me.

By the way, you'll note that THE SUNSHINE BOYS was opening at Newport. They had decided not to close after all and, in fact, would remain open for another year or two. In spite of my insistence, I never did see THE SUNSHINE BOYS on the big screen, though.


  1. I recall checking out one of those educational Popeye books from our school library in the 5th grade. I think it was about economics and it was actually educational. My teacher gave me trouble about checking out comics instead of something "educational." Look lady, it was educational and it was in the school library after all. Shut your stinkin' trap!

  2. Rewatching that episode of The Bionic Woman right now ("Jaime's Mother" s01e08)

    (Yep, I see the scar...)