Saturday, March 26, 2011

Friday, March 26th, 1976

All day seemed like Monday. Guess because I was off yesterday.

There was a big ad in tonight's paper for Steve Conner's new Northern Kentucky Bookstore! I found out also that his Con will be more than 15 miles away but I'll try my best to figure out how to get there anyway. I'm pretty sure I can catch a bus for most of the way and then maybe get a cab for the rest of the way. It's gonna be tough to get out to Northern Kentucky Bookstore tomorrow in Erlanger and then all the way back in the other direction to catch SUNSHINE BOYS in Newport but I'm going to do it!

Got involved in that Spanish traffic game for a whole period today. In fact, I came close to winning.

Bing and Liza hosted a TV special this evening! Liza's spots on the special were the best. She really does something to me. So cute and so talented. He voice, her face, her movements...I really can't pinpoint it but she just generally makes me feel good!

Also I sorta watched Rona with the Fonz.

NOTES: The Northern Kentucky Bookstore was about to become my favorite place in the world. For those of you new to this blog, I didn't learn to drive until I was 32 due to a major problem with motion sickness. This didn't stop me from getting around. Just meant that I often had to plan my whole day around what would, with a car, be about a twenty minute round-trip. In this case, the NKBS was about a 40 minute bus ride away. It was a bright, shiny, good-sized comic book store right on the major highway out of town. A good location, friendly, knowledgable employees...needless to say, it didn't last long. One of the folks I met there was a fellow customer who drove a vending machine truck. A few years later, he would open a comic book store about two blocks down the street that would become the biggest and most successful comic shop in the whole Greater Cincinnati area. That one--now known as COMIC BOOK WORLD-- is still there three decades later!

No idea what the "Spanish traffic game" was at this late date, nor do I have a clue why I only "sorta" watched Rona Barrett's interview with Henry Winkler.

The special that Bing Crosby and Liza Minnelli hosted was, in fact, a history of the telephone! The all-star cast was largely made up of clips from previous episodes of THE BELL TELEPHONE HOUR.

I was, as previously stated, perhaps the only straight male of my age to be a huge Liza fan. I bought her albums, loved her films and TV specials and, three years later, Terry and I actually went to see her in concert. Thirty years on, one of my employees who was gay told me HE was at that concert, too!

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