Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Monday, March 1st, 1976

I didn't get to sleep for hours last night and yet I didn't really feel too tired at all for most of today either. I got a 68 on a tough Physics test. Hope I do as well on part two.

Got the new TBG and I discovered that Steve Gerber lives! At Marvel even! He wasn't fired after all. I'm really glad to hear that. Maybe this good news is another sign that things are finally starting to look up.

I have to write my NIGHT CRUISE story soon.

I saw Bernadette on Rich Little's show this evening!

NOTES: With Howard the Duck riding high, Steve Gerber was without a doubt the hottest comic book writer in 1976 and my favorite. His angsty plots, text sections, absurdist villains and out of left field plots have been endlessly copied since but were all fresh and new innovations at the time. Sadly, Steve Gerber no longer lives as I so excitedly indicated above. He passed in 2008.

NIGHT CRUISE was a short story I was planning to write for school--Mystery Class I suppose as it was a mystery vaguely inspired by Agatha Christie (which is rather odd as I don't particularly care for her works). It did get finished soon enough so I won't give away the twist here.

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