Sunday, March 27, 2011

Saturday, March 27th, 1976

Those crazy kids have started already. A perfect example of what's wrong with the world. Kids running loose destroying property because their parents don't have enough sense to teach them right from wrong.

Anyway, after one minor setback Terry and I found the Northern Kentucky Bookstore, my latest favorite store. We missed it by two blocks and got off the bus at the wrong stop. Perfect successor to the Yellow Kid even though they aren't fully set up yet. I sold some comics and then bought some Man-Thing and Deathlok issues I needed as well as some new stuff. Really new stuff like the YK got! Last month I got two Captain America's though and this time when I got home I realized I'd accidentally missed Cap altogether. Steve Gerber is my favorite comics writer. If there was any doubt before, I'm sure of it now. Steve Conner says there is a bus that goes right past the Con site but he didn't know which one.

Sadly we had to pass up THE SUNSHINE BOYS but there was just no way to get it in. Coulda used it. Been feeling depression creeping in again. Maybe the movie will be held over and I can see it next week.

The Easter Seal Telethon started tonight. Isabelle Adjani, whom I first saw in that English movie whose title I forget, was interviewed by Rona tonight on her Oscar preview. She is gorgeous!

NOTES: No idea what brought on my grumpy old man rant at the beginning there. Just proves my theory that I was never really a typical teenager. Those $%#@@ kids had just better stay out of my yard!

Isabelle Adjani is a French actress then Oscar-nominated for the Truffaut film, THE STORY OF ADELE H. She was--and still is--one of the most physically beautiful women I had ever seen. As you can tell, she was yet another celebrity crush of mine that year.

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